Jackson Brothers Tour -- Jermaine Travels Alone

Jackson Brothers Tour -- Jermaine Travels Alone


TheJacksonbrothers are NOT living up to the name of their "Unity" tour -- despite continuing to perform together -- becauseJermainejust arrived to the airport on his OWN in Los Angeles.
Tito,Jackie, andMarlonarrived together shortly afterward -- telling us they're happy their mother has finally returned home after disappearing for over a week in Arizona.
Interesting that Tito and Jermaine have agreed to work together -- considering Tito TURNED on Jermaine (and Janet, Rebbie and Randy) and denounced the plot to overthrow the MJ Estate.
TMZ broke the story ... the living members of the Jackson 5 are performing together tonight in Saratoga.
Should be an interesting show.

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Jackson Brothers Tour -- Jermaine Travels Alone